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May 18, 2008
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CSS Custom Cursors Project by dbestarchitect CSS Custom Cursors Project by dbestarchitect
Edit 7
Hasn't been much heat on this recently. Maybe mah new watchers will be interested. :paranoid:

Good god! Edit 6.
Gee, I really thought I'd never be able to submit it again. Oh well! I got it!

As we trek along, I'd like to remind everybody commenting here that both =TheBigBadFish and *Gordorca are happy to make cursors for any subscriber out there!

Edit 5!
We've reached 50 sets of cursors, let's not stop here! Tell all your subscribed friends about this trend, I'm sure they'd like a cursor as well! :D

Edit 4, holy crap.
=TheBigBadFish has been so helpful in this project, and now it's time to bring in yet another potentially wonderful employee. *Gordorca, who made numbers 43 and 49, has offered his amazing services for the benefit of whoever would like a cursor from him! We now have two options in (don't forget, FREE!) cursor requests, not including me cause I'm busy as hell already! :#1:

Thank you, Gordon! :D

Edit 3:
Whoops! Thanks dearly to `electricnet, who caught my mistake in the CSS. New CSS here:

a:link {
cursor:url(URL), pointer;
a:hover {
cursor:url(URL), pointer;
body {
cursor:url(URL), auto;

Edit 2:
This is getting giganormous!!! Keep sending in all those cursors!

A GIGANTIC hug and thank you to =TheBigBadFish, who's made just under half <strike>(19/43)</strike> (23/51) of the cursors. He's given <strike>three</strike> five as gifts to our outstanding Gallery Directors, admins, and former admins, and is working soooo hard! If you want a cursor, he's right there for ya! :D

A HUGE thank-you to =TheBigBadFish, who's made so many cursors. :lol: Go give him hugs!

To have your cursor in this soon-to-be massive project, simply note me with the two links to each: one as a normal cursor, and one when it is hovering over a link! (as seen above)

Row One
Column One
1. =dbestarchitect
2. `CookiemagiK
3. =SparklyDest
4. =sparklystock
5. ~dAinterviews
by =dbestarchitect
6. =iWin72
7. *Tyshea
by =dbestarchitect

Column Two
9. =me-pawel
by =TheBigBadFish
10. ~JoScene by =TheBigBadFish
11. =Toxxic-Vixen by =TheBigBadFish
12. =Emoticiety by =TheBigBadFish
13. =Dragonbrush by =TheBigBadFish

Column Three
14. =TheBigBadFish
15. ~Arukado
16. =Masna0
17. ~IAmABlue-Monkey
18. =NativeTexanZach
19. `guruubii
by =TheBigBadFish
20. ~BenXT

Column Four
21. ~TheKoopaClub by =TheBigBadFish
22. ^Ikue by =TheBigBadFish
23. ^oilsoaked by =TheBigBadFish
24. `jenepooh by =TheBigBadFish
25. `cooley by =TheBigBadFish
26. =Rahxy by =TheBigBadFish
27. ~Rogue-Oeht by =TheBigBadFish

Row Two
Column One
28. ^Helewidis by =TheBigBadFish
29. @shuttermonkey by =TheBigBadFish
30. ^Katmomma by =TheBigBadFish
31. `catluvr2
32. ^DeMaulwurfn
33. *Jamaal10

Column Two
34. =kilgore-trout
35. ~CanDy-LolliPop
36. =luckylinx
37. =dbestarchitect
38. =KyubiNoKitsune13

Column Three
39. =TheBigBadFish, the one and only!
40. ^Sander-Seto by =TheBigBadFish
41. =zombierap21 by =TheBigBadFish
42. $Moonbeam13 by =TheBigBadFish
43. *Gordorca
44. *ScreamingGerbil

Row Three
Column One
45. =Albino-Broccoli by =TheBigBadFish
46. `skifi by =TheBigBadFish
47. =12hc12 by =TheBigBadFish
48. =skedy
49. =keyoma09
by *Gordorca

Column Two
50. =moonfreak
51. `InvaderMar
52. `Mrcrapinson
53. =skeletorfw

Column Three
54. ~Yatagratsu
by *Gordorca
55. =de-Mote
56. =runemetsa
NOW MADE PUBLIC! See more here.
57. ~Leonike


Always waiting for files, guys! If you have a cursor, send me your links! :lol:


This is a project I wanted to start: Custom Cursors for your CSS! After seeing one in ~BenXT's journal, I talked to *Jamaal10 about it, and he showed me the ropes. Now, I'm trying to get this idea to spread dA-wide!

You can check out my journal and the News Article for more information, and =DEVlANT, `CookiemagiK, =e-CJ, =SparklyDest, and many more deviants have advertised this for me as well!

The CSS is here, where you replace the URL being the downloadable link, such as an link:
a:link {
cursor:url(URL), pointer;
a:hover {
cursor:url(URL), pointer;
body {
cursor:url(URL), pointer;

:postit: Note: the "body" category is for your normal cursor, while the other two are BOTH your hover.

While I'm at it, I'd like to shout a huge thank-you to *Tyshea, who first advertised this for me and popularized the idea!

If you would like a cursor, but don't have the program/knowledge to make them, just let me know what you'd like, and I'd be happy to make something for you! <edit>=TheBigBadFish is actually making cursors now. Thank you!</edit>

So let's make this the best trend ever started on dA! We'll match up against the Pixel IDs started by `Endling and his friends, and give all subscribers a chance to add even more "unique" to their journals!
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AsyrielAssassination Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
It's possible to make any image a cursor with aniturner xD So there's really no limits
heartzrainbow412 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't get how to do it :/
QuiGonJin Featured By Owner May 6, 2013
Thank you for posting codes in your description. I was looking all over for a code to do what I wanted it to do. With a little tweaking I was able to make it work in my Gaia profile. I mainly had to play around with the { } parts as well as figure out how to keep it so my pointer was near the center of the cursor. Whoever did the coding on your description is my savior and you for posting it are one as well.

I haven't used any of your icons since I am using my own one I modified. But yes now it doesn't turn into the hand when I move over links. Thank you so much! Here is the page I was working on with my profile. It's the most work I've ever put into one. [link] if you don't want to look that's fine since it's really not using any of your cursors.
bunnilyrics Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012
So freaking cute! Thanks ^^
FabbiAlexa Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2012  Student Artisan Crafter

MountinSide-Stables Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love it but how do they work??
bunnilyrics Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012
You go to control panel then click hardware & sound, then click mouse and use the cursor image for the replacement. (:
PeanutGalllery Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lovveeee yah piczz....andcoookieeeezzzzzzzzz!
Lancerey Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2010
Hey there! i'm having trouble getting custom cursors to work. I've used the coding you provided, but it's not showing the png I've got.
There are details in my current journal. If you could help, I'd be really really grateful!
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